Automatic particle counter

The device is used to count an amount of tiny particles of the same size that are not known beforehand such filters, fasteners, etc.

It is a device made of an aluminium structure with a modern energy-efficient LED backlight. The device is equipped with a colour touch panel with the option to select of the respective type of particle counted. It updates the calculated amount on its own and displays the amount on the panel. It does not require further operation. As an extension of the function, the possibility of transmitting value of the amount to another device can be added. The minimum size of the particle counted is 3 mm.

Automatické počítadlo částic

Technical parameters:

  • Power: 230V AC
  • Power consumption: 120 VA
  • Control: colour touch panel
  • Display: colour touch panel
  • Principle of operation: spreading the particles on a backlit surface and the subsequent image processing via the camera
  • Weight: approx. 20 kg
  • Dimensions: 750 x 600 x 950 mm

Price: 49 999 CZK without VAT

Product leaflet