Clamping systems

It is a modular system specifically developed for 3D measurement technology. Sophisticated system for both repetitive measurement tasks and one-off clamping. The "repro-fix" clamping system has been developed specifically for coordinate measuring technology. It is the result of years of experience: logical in concept, simple in handling and flexibility in use.

The sets can be dismantle again after each use. Individual parts can be re-used for new tasks.

The high flexibility of individual components also has great economic benefits. You need only a small assortment of parts. The individual parts are relatively small and do not require much storage space.

The "repro-fix" clamping system counts on the two most important requirements of modern coordinate measuring technology for:

  • an accurate reproducible and stable position of the workpiece for an immediate start of CNC measurement
  • highest possible accessibility for collision-free contact at the tightest possible turn-off

With a remarkably small range of system components, which has been constantly improving for several years, you can perform a wide range of clamping: from a clock body to a car body. Yet the basic pattern and principle of assembly is still the same, so that all components can be universally used.

For large devices that remain assembled throughout the life of the inspected parts (e.g. devices for car body construction), the complementary "repro-fix S" system has been developed. On a special profile, the self-locking prism can be easily fixed on any place. The hole pattern in the profile falls out.

You can find more detailed information on KOMEG clamping systems in the catalogue, which will be sent to you on request free of charge. You can request its sending via our order form.